Switzerland is a very strong knowledge society. The value creation of our economy is based today mostly on the resource “knowledge”. More than 50% of our working society are today knowledge workers.

What does this mean? Compared to industrial work, knowledge workers do not produce any physical products but knowledge, ideas and concepts. Industrial work is already strongly automated. Knowledge work is THE working method of the future and base of the Swiss competition strategy.

Despite the major relevance of this new working method for the Swiss economy and society, productivity of knowledge on what work depends on and how it can be enhanced is only partly understood. Until today there is no established research on this subject and its influence on economy available. The Foundation Swiss productivity wants to significantly help getting research results – also from Swiss organizations’ initiatives.

In this role SPF has already activated the first research work and participates in European research programs in this field.

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SPF makes more out of your time - immediately

The choice of established instruments for increasing productivity of knowledge workers helps you to optimally benefit from your time and to efficiently adopt your tools.